We Work Hard & Aim to Please

“In the past 2 years, it has been my extreme privilege to work with Ms. Sarah Voltmann Costello. The strength, integrity and intellect that comes from that lovely lady is a complete surprise in one so young. She was extremely knowledgeable in her field, comfortable speaking in front of a large audience, and exuded total expertise and passion in all she did. I cannot say enough good things about Sarah. I feel certain if you spend more than 5 minutes with her, you will feel the same. I do not have a doubt that she will go very far in whatever path she chooses, nor that you would be very fortunate to know her. I most certainly have been.”
Donna Tashik
Community Development Director - Arc of the Emerald Coast
“I first met Sarah at the United Way, where she worked previously, before starting Sword & Shield Property Development. When our Foundation first applied to become an affiliate of the United Way we were unfamiliar with the different requirements for financial and historical information. Consequently, I had a number of occasions where I needed to contact Sarah for assistance. In every case, her very informative and timely responses made for a clear understanding of what was need. It was always a pleasure to work with her. In looking back over my 67 years of military and civilian work experience, I would rate Sarah in the top one percent of all persons I have known as to ability, and especially as to future potential. I recommend her and her company Sword & Shield Property Development without reservation.”
Charles E. Schuster
President - Northwest Florida Guardian ad Litem Foundation, Inc.
“We have all had the occasion to work with a natural leader with exceptional people skills, and a keen ability to organize. Sarah operates two or three levels above peers and has the ability to lead in both directions, above and below her station. I truly wish I could say, we see this all of time, but the fact is, it is rare. Sarah has my high recommendation. She is making her mark on the world and I believe any individual, organization, or institution would be lucky if they get to participate in her journey. I wish Sarah was on my team; we all are looking for her.”
Jerry Kindle
Executive Director - American Red Cross of Northwest Florida
“It’s my pleasure to recommend Sarah Voltmann Costello and her company Sword & Shield Property Development, LLC. I’ve known Sarah for two years, and can attest to her strength of character and compassion for others, as well as her organization skills and attention to detail. She would answer the phone any hour of the day, and go out of her way to make sure that the charities felt confident and comfortable with their abilities to put their best work forward. Sarah brought a level of intelligence and professionalism to the United Way that was much needed. Her ability to answer tough questions and explain processes to nonprofits and the community alike shows what an amazing leader she is. I know she will thrive in any environment she is put in without question. Sarah is an outstanding and active citizen with a great commitment to community service and serving others with a warm heart.”
Allie Noah, MPA
Development Director - Children in Crisis
“I distinctly remember the first time I met Sarah. I was initially impressed by her professional attire, and demeanor; by the end of the meeting, I was equally impressed by her abilities to run and manage the meeting as well. Over the course of the next two years, my encounters with Sarah only reinforced my first impression. As a community partner director, I dealt with her on issues related to our United Way funding. She always expressed a deep interest in each community partner and their mission, and her calming presence was especially appreciated during highly stressful financial discussions. She was always open and honest with us concerning the changes that were occurring and would be with you too. Sarah would be an asset to you or your organization in any capacity. I highly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity to associate yourself with her and Sword & Shield Property Development, LLC.”
Diane Fraser
Executive Director - Emerald Coast Science Center
“Sarah is the most intelligent, well-spoken human being I have ever met in my life. She amazes everyone with her ability to quickly adapt and comprehend almost any situation. She is a strong leader who always strives for excellence, and she never allows something to be just “good enough.” While working with her, she kept on pushing me for more and to submit the best work I could. It was only after seeing her eye for perfectionism that I could see what was needed to make the project perfect. The funny thing is after spending so much time on the first round with her, the second round only took 45 minutes and turned out fantastic! This is because she taught me that to do something right the first time takes a lot of work, but after that it becomes easy to repeat that success. If you work with Sword & Shield Property Development, you can expect the same.”
Rebecca Kjell
VP Talent Management - AIESEC Purdue, United States
"Sarah is an exceptionally bright young woman, showing unparalleled potential to grasp and lead new projects and concepts. She displays an eagerness to learn and serve the community that stems from her desire to build an international charitable liaison company. She’s driven, she’s intelligent, and she’s capable. Please consider working with Sarah and Sword & Shield Property Development, LLC. She’s a natural leader, whose entrepreneurial spirit is driven by her passion to help the communities she’s in."
Virginia Glynn Barr
Executive Director - Mental Health Association of Okaloosa & Walton Counties Inc.
“On the interpersonal side, Sarah has superior written and verbal communication skills. She is well respected both as a person and a professional by colleagues and community leaders. I can unreservedly recommend working with her, as she is a highly effective leader who is resourceful, creative, and solution-oriented.”
Anthony Sawyer
Executive Director - S4P Synergy
In addition to being highly reliable, Sarah displays strong character, commitment, and dedication to each task and project set before her. She has shown the ability to work well under pressure, under deadlines, and make sound decisions independently or with others. Based on her work and personal ethics, and overall dependability, I would personally recommend Sarah Costello and Sword & Shield Property Development, LLC as an individual and organization capable of meeting and exceeding any challenge, task or endeavor.
Todd Gatlin
CEO - Gatlin Construction/Gatlin Consolidated Services